Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary was founded by Frank Duff, born in Dublin, June 7th 1889. He was a member of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

In September 1921 he formed the first group (Praesidium) of the Legion of Mary. This has become a world wide movement. He died November 7th 1980.

The legion is modelled on an army under the leadership and guidance of Mary the mediatrix of all graces. The enemy we fight is the evil one, the arch enemy of Our Lady. The legion members strive to lead holy lives through prayer and active co-operation in good works to further the reign of Christ.

The standard of the legion is based on the standard of the Roman legion. Instead of the Roman Eagle there is a dove. The cross bar with the inscription “Legio Mariae” -Legion of Mary. The Rose and Lily – an oval frame with the miraculous medal. The Globe – the world is to be conquered by the Holy Spirit acting through Mary and her children.

We meet weekly at St Jude’s in the Presbytery. We welcome new members – if you wish to know more please ask in church.

You can find out more about the Legion of Mary by visiting their website: www.legionofmary.ie