The order of Secular Franciscans, founded by St Francis of Assisi.

Born 1181, Francis was baptised “John” Giovanni and the name Francis was just a secondary name. He came from an extremely wealthy family and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. An encounter with a leper one day changed Francis’ outlook on life and he embraced a way of extreme poverty depending completely on God for his needs. Francis heard Jesus ask him to repair His church and Francis realised his vocation to found an order of monks who would reform the wrong doings in the church – preaching penance and conversion.

In 1210, Pope Innocent III approved the rule of the movement. Three orders came into being 1: monks, priests and brothers 2: nuns founded by St Claire 3: secular order for lay people. All three strive to live a simple life of poverty and prayer. To life the Gospel as closely as possible. The group meets monthly at St Mary’s, Wigan. If you would like to know more, please ask at church.